Sahiner Fidan


Sahiner has received a significant recognition in the market by harmonizing its more-than-50-years of horticultural and agricultural experience with the nursery started in 2002 for the production of dwarf fruit saplings. The quality standards and market share in dwarf and semi-dwarf apple saplings in particular have exceeded the regional volume and reached volumes capable of answering to the demands all across Turkey.
Targeting the high quality standards with its continuously renewed product range in dwarf and semi dwarf sapling production since 2002, Sahiner Nursery is in the position of certified (blue certificate) producer of the apple rootstocks M9, M26 (dwarf); MM111, MM106 (semi-dwarf). With the establishment of the Dutch-Origin No. 3 Rootstock Breeding Unit, the nursery is capable of producing 400,000 rootstocks annually in European quality standards. Additionally, dwarf and semi dwarf apple varieties and other fruit saplings, which have commercial value in the European Market, are produced in the Sahiner Nursery which is capable of producing 300,000 fruit saplings annually. Annual inspections are conducted for the products of Sahiner Nursery by the Agricultural Quarantine Directorates and the Ministry of Agriculture. All of our products are certified and hold phytosanitary certificates. We offer to our customers from the first hand with suitable prices the reliable, long living and high yielding products grafted onto rootstocks whose varieties are provable.
Starting off with the motto “The Best or None” in every field, in which it carries out activities in economic and business life, Sahiner demonstrates a very sensitive attitude towards the quality standards and consumer satisfaction in line with this target.
As Sahiner, our first target has been to attain the highest customer satisfaction in every service offered.

Why Sahiner Fidan?
- Starting off with the motto “The Best or None” in 2002 in Turkey, Sahiner Nursery aims to achieve the high quality standards with its continuously renewed range of products.
- Sahiner Nursery is the 1st Quality producer company of the apple rootstocks M9, M26(dwarf); MM106, MM111(semi-dwarf) and is the certified sapling producer with graft applications onto rootstocks whose varieties are provable.
- All of our rootstock and sapling products are certified.
- Apple scions are supplied from Italy under quality certificates.
- Each inspected, reliable, long-living, high-yielding and certified product of Sahiner Nursery is offered to the customer from the first hand with suitable prices.
- Sahiner Nursery always instills confidence to its customers with its free consultancy and after sales information support.
- Having adopted honesty and quality as its principle, Sahiner Nursery has always prioritized the customer satisfaction.

We take pride in sharing this basic understanding with our customers.